twinhomeNeena & Veena 

We began performing when we were just barely out of mother’s womb. Mom was always playing Indian music while cooking or cleaning. We weren’t allowed to dance professionally, but we still enjoy dancing to Bollywood and Bhangra (Indian folk dance) at home or family gatherings. Even though we weren’t formally “trained” in these dance styles, it was in our blood, and noone could tear up the dance floor like our family!

In our early teens, we discovered bellydance, and decided to take lessons with a local teacher. Every week (or whenever we could), we would sneak out of the house, catch a ride with our neighbor friend who had a car, and participate in the dance class. We would pay for the classes with our babysitting money we earned after school.

A few years later, we started taking classes and workshops outside of our local area, including classes in Egypt. We studied rigorously, but not only bellydance (or raks sharki), but other styles of North African and Middle Eastern dances as well.

Around that same time, we were also taking dance classes in classical bharatnatyam, kathak, odissi, and kuchipudi with master teachers locally and in India, and continued studied those styles for over ten years. During this time, we would make frequent trips to India to also learn folkloric styles, including banjara gypsy style (original gypsy), to familiarized ourselves with other styles of Indian dance. And if that wasn’t enough, we were taking daily classes in ballet, jazz, or hip-hop class. If there was a dance class in the style, we were probably there!

But dancing wasn’t our only passion in the arts. In our late teens, we studied classical voice, both Indian and western style, for several years, and even won vocal scholarships. Singing led us to acting – performing on many stages, films and television series, as well as teaching.

Today, mom and dad are cool with us performing, and even proud that we’ve come such along way!

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