Middle East/North Africa





BELLYTWINS Dance Company contains numerous professional dancers, musicians, and singers. Our award-winning male and female artists perform various styles of North African / Middle Eastern dances including belly dance (Egyptian style), Debke, Saidi (cane), Khaleegy (gulf), Bandari Persian, and much more. The spectacular shows have been seen by numerous celebrities and A-list clients including Sidney Poiter, Danny Devito, Ryan Seacrest, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, Nicole Kidman, Sting, and many more. Some of their past and repeat clients include Universal Studios, Disney, Sony, Microsoft, and Intel.

Here are what some clients have said:

“Neena & Veena have the requisite bloodlines to lead a revival.” – Muscle & Fitness magazine

“Besides being completely talented and sexy, they are totally with-it chicks! They are awesome!” – Jenna Elfman, actress

“Who says bellydancers don’t sell to viewers! ..One of the highest ratings in years! It’s clear from all the calls and emails..” – James Reid, producer

“Thank you so much for being guests on our show! I really enjoyed learning
those sexy bellydance moves!” – The late Florence Henderson, actress

“I can really feel the burn. it’s not only easy, but it works!” – Kelly Lange, CBS News

“Absolutely amazing!! ..Hollywood’s most famous bellydancers.” – Paul Reary, UKTV

“.jaw-dropping authentic bellydance” – L.A. Weekly

“Fabulous!.capture the essence of Oriental dance.” – Beirut Times

“Hot! Hot! Hot! They are a class act!” – India Currents

“Captivating.lively!” – Cymbal Magazine

“joyful and exotic.” – Vicki Smith, writer

“Hollywood’s top performers – the ones with the most stars in their waists’ hypnotic orbit.” – Elizabeth Terry, IN Style magazine


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